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Black-Asian Solidarity

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We are All Weltschmerz

Racial Wealth Gap Has Grown Since Great Recession

Racial wealth gap grows since Great Recession

yellow peril supports black power

Yellow Peril Supports Black Power

Tyranny of Geography

I call geographic determinism on this one

This is some bullshit: T.M. Luhrmann’s op-ed in the NYTimes.

Basic thesis: Western Europeans are individualistic because they eat wheat.  The global south is collective-minded because they eat rice.

I call geographic determinism, just as bad as Jared Diamond, who was taken down so wonderfully by James M. Blaut.  To summarize Blaut’s arguments:

  1. Environment doesn’t shape all human history. This little thing called culture has a role, too.
  2. Hindsight is 20-20. My anthro professor as an undergrad used to call these “just-so stories” after Rudyard Kipling. Diamond starts with the historical conclusion – Europe is preeminent – and goes backwards from there.
  3. Ostensibly, Diamond’s aim is to take down essentialist explanations of why Europe is dominant, but he still ends up asserting Europe’s superiority. This is why Blaut claims Diamond is Eurocentric.