Building Power in Place: A Municipalist Organizing Toolkit

Building Power in Place: A Municipalist Organizing Toolkit presents a snapshot of the praxis and theory of various place-based movements we describe as radical municipalist: a vision that our movements can destroy the hegemonic structures that rule over us and replace them with alternatives based on direct democracy and the solidarity economy. This toolkit provides tools and practices to share with fellow organizers, community members, and comrades. Our intended audience is people seeking cultivated space to think through questions around place-based organizing strategy.

Maybe the term municipalism is new to you, maybe it is familiar. Regardless of your familiarity, we invite you to think deeply about the ways that you are already using many of these theories and practices in your movement work.

While you can work through this toolkit from start to finish, many sections can stand alone. Refer to the table of contents to jump to the topics, exercises, and case studies that best suit your current needs and organizing moment. Please take what feels useful to you from this toolkit and leave the rest. You know your organizing context best and you’ll know if something is or is not applicable to your local environment.